Why do 20% of Americans Consider Their Workplace to be an Office Hell?

Diversity initiatives that big companies have implemented have been incredibly myopic: focusing on trying to hire more “diverse” bodies without looking at ways of creating a workplace culture that will allow these people to thrive.

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US Jobs Report: US Given Good News as Economy Adds 209,000 Jobs in July

The recovery continues, but with wage growth below target levels it is abundantly clear that we have a ways to go before workers including young and old, and workers of all races can fully benefit from the economy

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US Jobs Report Shows Sharp Recovery in June But Wage Growth Remains Slow

Economy adds 222,000 jobs, beating estimates by a healthy margin. Unemployment rate rises slightly to 4.4% and wages grow only marginally. The unemployment rate for African Americans is 7.1%, down from 7.5% in May 2017

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