‘The ghetto is the gallery’ – Black Power and the Artists Who Captured the Soul of the Struggle

What part did black artists play in America’s civil rights struggle? They reinvented Superman and took a seven-mile artwork through Harlem. As this exhibit tackles this tumultuous era with Soul of a Nation, we meet the show’s star attractions

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The Final Bar? How Gentrification Threatens America’s Music Cities

Austin, Nashville and New Orleans have thrived on the success of vibrant music scenes. But as rents rise and noise complaints become more common, do they risk ruining what made them famous in the first place?

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John Singleton – ‘The crack epidemic gave me something to write about – but I had to survive it first’

The Boyz N the Hood director is back – with Snowfall, a TV show about America’s drug epidemic. Over a lunch of fried catfish in South Central LA, John Singleton reveals all about his ‘ghetto Game of Thrones’

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