Thurgood Marshall – Activist, Judge and the Story of His Quest For Racial Justice in America

The first African American to sit on the highest court is the subject of a film that retells his relentless and epochal quest to achieve racial justice in America

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Strong Island’s Yance Ford – ‘I have no interest in giving my brother’s killer any space in this film’

Ten years in the making, Ford’s award-winning Netflix documentary started as an intimate film about his brother’s murder in 1992. But it has become part of a national argument about whether young black men can feel safe in the US

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In 1967, They Watched Their City Erupt. Fifty Years On, How Has Detroit Changed? – Video

Detroit’s riots were some of the most violent in US history. As Kathryn Bigelow’s new dramatization of the unrest hits screens, Detroiters who lived through it reflect on how far their city has come

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