John Singleton – ‘The crack epidemic gave me something to write about – but I had to survive it first’

The Boyz N the Hood director is back – with Snowfall, a TV show about America’s drug epidemic. Over a lunch of fried catfish in South Central LA, John Singleton reveals all about his ‘ghetto Game of Thrones’

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Bill Cosby – The Downfall of ‘America’s dad’

As a new documentary on the funnyman’s rise and fall airs, we speak to two of his accusers to examine how that public persona may yet lead to his ruin

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Orange Is the New Black – A New Platform For Blackness?

As the prison drama returns, are its stars – Taystee, Crazy Eyes and Sophia – ambassadors for a new socially aware TV blackness or participants in unwatchable ‘trauma porn’?

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